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Austin Branch of the Cryobank

July 18, 2011

Blog written by Laboratory Staff Nisha

As a lab tech who works in Philly and calls New Jersey home, I am excited to say that I write to you from Austin this month! I’ve never had the pleasure of exploring this vibrant southern city, and now I have a full week to do just that. With a couple lab techs away on pregnancy leave, something the Fairfax Cryobank staff love to see, I volunteered to lend Austin a hand while they’re short-staffed. Working in this lab has been a lot of fun so far.

The donors are all very handsome and sweet with that homely southern accent that can make any girl melt into the floor. The lab staff is extremely accommodating and excellent hosts, taking time to show me their favorite things about Austin. The South Congress strip in downtown Austin has some excellent vintage clothing stores. I emptied my wallet at the record store on Guadalupe St, which by the way is pronounced “GuadaLOOP.” Don’t let the local Austonians catch you saying it any other way or you will be teased! And even though it seems silly, you have to visit the Whole Foods in town. It is the biggest grocery store I’ve ever been to, complete with a popular wine bar! The food down here is amazing, with mouth-watering Mexican food and delicious kolaches.

You would think the Austin citizens would be grotesquely overweight, but everywhere I go I see people jogging and riding bikes, even in this scorching 100 degree weather. The humid, hot climate doesn’t bother me at all since Philly summers can be very similar. It makes me extremely jealous to know that their winters are nothing compared to Philly’s though! I might have to tell my boss every year that I’m flying south for the winter. If you ever make a trip down to Austin, make sure you come by the lab to say hi!

One response to “Austin Branch of the Cryobank”

  1. Norman Pear says:

    Can you tell me when the Austin branch of the Fairfax Cryobank first opened for business? I’m working on a research paper. Thanks!

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