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Donor 6434

Donor 6434

março 07, 2022

Donor 6434 is very honest and forthright. He is a counselor by trade, so he is very easy to talk with and is often interested in how we are doing. His motto is help as much as you can and hurt as little as you can. Simple things in life make him happy. He is very close with his family. Favorite interests include running, watching sports, cooking and doing DIY projects at home. He is pragmatic, organized and likes structure in his day. Grounded and humble, he believes that failure is good if we learn from it going forward. He has a tall and muscular build. His smile is bright and charming and his light brown eyes are captivating. He has a very relaxed style which meshes well with his personality. Staff find this donor to be quite attractive. He is just an all-around really good guy.