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Featured donors 

Donor 1414



Donor 1414 has thick red wavy hair and brown eyes with a fair complexion. He is practicing Catholic who wants to help others. He has a degree in Veterinary Technology and enjoys working with animals at a local vet hospital. In his leisure time he enjoys football, baseball, wrestling, martial arts and boxing. Extroverted, easy-going, humorous, and caring describe donor 1414.

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Donor 1438


Of German heritage and raised as a Lutheran, this donor has straight, light brown hair, hazel eyes and a medium complexion. As a college student, he majored in Speech Communications. A short term goal is to be a comedian. In his leisure time he enjoys soccer, wrestling, coaching, reading and comic books. Humorous, extroverted, energetic, kind, friendly and creative describe this donor.

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Donor 1476


This donor moved from Eastern Europe and has a close knit family. In fact family relationships and friendships are vitally important to him. He has a benevolent approach to life and in down to earth, not focused on the material things to gain happiness. He likes the arts, sports and travel. He has adult photos available. His dark hair and brown eyes make him an overall attractive guy.

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