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Donor #4786

Donor #4786

February 26, 2016

Donor 4786 is an Anonymous donor. He is an easygoing and approachable guy with a refreshing, positive outlook on life. He is quiet and humble about his accomplishments and abilities but is intelligent, musical, athletic, and always up for an adventure. He plays classical guitar and loves Blues and Flamenco styles. He stays very active swimming, diving and rock climbing. As an enthusiastic outdoorsman with a big heart he spends his free time caring for animals and participating in environmental conservation projects. He has a casual, laid-back appearance and a tall and lean physique. As a person who stays active outdoors, he is fit and takes good care of himself. His thick curly brown hair complements his soulful brown eyes and he always has a warm, friendly smile on his face. Friends say he looks like Justin Timberlake.