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Donor #5068

Donor #5068

July 26, 2017

Donor 5068 is an Anonymous Graduate donor. He commands attention with his good looks, but keeps your attention with his personality. He seems serious yet has a very funny side. He is very family oriented and has many fond memories of his family including fishing with his grandmother. He looks up to his mother’s drive to provide for her family and hopes to continue this ambition in the future. He is very athletic and spends a lot of time training in mixed martial arts and plays several different sports for fun. He is definitely the type of man that can sweep you off your feet (both literally and physically) and isn’t afraid to be himself. He lives by the creed of honesty, honor and strength. He has a gorgeous chocolate complexion. His eyes are a medium, warm brown that reminds you of autumn leaves right before they fall from a tree. He has very broad shoulders that fit his extremely muscular stature. He is eye-catching in all the right ways and definitely would merit a second look by all. He is irresistible in every way and is the type of man that makes you smile just by thinking of him.