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Donor #5080

Donor #5080

August 14, 2017

Donor 5080 is an ID Option Graduate donor. He is an extremely intelligent person who knows exactly what he wants from life and is already well on his way to getting there. He is extremely curious, questioning everything around him; he is highly motivated and detail-oriented. Very thoughtful with his loved ones, he is a great listener and a supportive husband. He enjoys teaching and helping others accomplish their goals. He enjoys hiking and canoeing, and loves cats. In school, he was the smart kid always buried behind a book that was far too advanced for his age; this shaped him into the bright, scholarly individual he is today. He has a fair complexion and keeps his wavy blond hair combed back as it just grazes over his ears. You can’t help but notice him when he walks into a room. He always comes in well-dressed and greets us with a friendly smile. Overall, donor 5080 carries himself with a confidence that is matched only by his many accomplishments. He resembles Josh Meyers.