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Donor #5083

Donor #5083

December 07, 2017

Donor 5083 is an ID Option Graduate donor. He is extremely well-spoken, bright and poised. This donor has had several challenging things occur in his life, but has pushed through, and is truly a survivor. A sports injury, while traumatic, changed the course of his life for the better. He became very involved in academics and found his true passion in studying global education; to learn and understand how the world connects. He loves to spend his free time fly fishing and hiking. A very social person, he prefers to spend his time around others, whether it’s out with friends or staying at home with his daughter. This donor is a genuine man who has achieved so many of his life goals already and continues to strive for more. He has hazel eyes that stand out quite well against his naturally paler features. He carries himself as if he is seven feet tall due to the self-confidence that he has built up over the years. Donor 5083 is a traditionally handsome man who believes that self-confidence is the best way to alter how people physically see you. And when it comes to this donor, we have to agree that his confidence gives him an extra flair, for sure. He resembles Jason Segel.