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Donor #5115

Donor #5115

October 12, 2016

Donor 5115 is an Anonymous Graduate donor. He is a hard worker as well as a kindhearted soul. Soft-spoken and respectful, he is concerned with the needs of others. His kind and thoughtful nature match his caring personality – it is obvious that the love for his family and friends mean a great deal to him. Playing badminton is a passion. He is a busy student in graduate level Electrical Engineering. This donor boasts the captivating physical characteristics of an individual with 100% Indian ethnicity. He maintains a fit and lean body and values the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He has dark brown eyes that are quite inviting, yet also mysterious in their depth. He has a caramel-colored skin tone that is emphasized by a smooth complexion. Most captivating of his physical features is his genuine, charming smile.