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Donor #5352

Donor #5352

January 22, 2018

Donor 5352 is an Anonymous donor. He is driven and enthusiastic. He splits his time between the three most important things in his life: gymnastics, school and his family. He has been doing gymnastics for over seventeen years, and he loves the competition as well as the personal challenges it provides. He also likes to keep in shape with other athletic activities such as baseball, swimming and judo. In school, he is studying criminal justice with the goal of becoming a detective. His family has been a constant source of love and support for him in achieving his dreams. He has hickory brown hair with slight waves, like the ocean on a windy day. He has the fit body of a gymnast from his constant competitions and lessons. He has an oval-shaped face, often with a neatly trimmed beard over his chin and upper lip. His warm brown eyes are like chocolate syrup under nicely arched eyebrows. His skin tone is light with moderate freckles scattered across his arms and shoulders. When he smiles, showing off his pearly straight teeth, slight dimples appear on either side of his face. He looks like actor Patrick Flueger.