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Donor #5375

Donor #5375

August 14, 2017

Donor 5375 is an Anonymous donor. He prides himself on being honest and straightforward. Growing up on a farm taught him the importance of hard work and discipline, as well as his love of the outdoors. He enjoys just about any activity he can do outside, including hunting, hiking or just relaxing in the sun. Donor 5375 lives in the present with the daily goal of just having the best day that he can. He is an avid learner and is always interested to see what new skill or subject he can learn by picking up a new book. He is tall, with a rugged outdoorsman quality. He has a large build that he keeps well-toned through regular exercise and playing sports like football and baseball. His eyes are a bright hazel, ranging from a deep mossy green to a honey brown depending on the day. He usually keeps his head clean-shaven and has a thick brown beard and mustache. His skin tone is light, but he tans nicely when he spends time outdoors. Friends tell him he looks like Jared Leto.