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Donor #5394

Donor #5394

January 26, 2018

Donor 5394 is an ID Option Graduate donor. He is family-centered and introverted, with a deep love for sports and a drive to better himself. While quiet at times, this donor is naturally empathetic, and his compassion for others speaks volumes. Having once followed his dreams to play college, and then professional basketball, he now focuses his efforts on earning his graduate degree and pursuing his career in the field of psychology. He has smooth ebony skin and deep brown eyes. His thick black hair is kept short. His full lips are nearly the same deep tone of his skin, and his bright white teeth make his smile very noticeable. Standing tall at 6’5″, this donor’s past experience with the game of basketball is not easily ignored and the muscular definition in his limbs gives evidence to his continued involvement in sports. He resembles actor Malik Yoba and has been told he looks like LeBron James by many friends.