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Donor #5398

Donor #5398

December 27, 2018

Donor 5398 is an ID Option donor. He is a born adventurer. He has traveled extensively and is fluent in three languages. Self-reflective, he is a critical thinker and approaches life with a well thought-out plan. He is patient and relaxed, and few things rattle him. Being on the water, sailing and recreating, is a passion of his. He considers himself open minded and wants be in a profession that helps others. His fifteen years in military intelligence has been rewarding. He is well read and has a way with words that draws your attention and holds it. This donor loves being part of a crowd and he fully immerses himself in the local culture, wherever he happens to be. Years of rowing and sailing have given him a powerfully toned upper body. His dark, wavy hair appears windswept, giving this donor a bold, intrepid appearance. His light brown eyes gleam with enthusiasm when he recounts his latest ventures. His beautiful, sculpted lips wear a charming smile when he speaks.