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Donor #5515

Donor #5515

October 29, 2018

Donor 5515 is an ID Option donor. He is a fan of discipline and hard work. He is resourceful, intelligent, and dedicated- all traits necessary for the achievement of his career objectives. Always composed and collected, he listens carefully to instructions and always has insightful questions. Despite his intensity, he retains a sense of lightheartedness. He engages well with others and is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys activities such as camping and hiking, which help as a release for his demanding professional life. He is of medium height with a slim frame and buzzed, straight dark blond hair. He has a square face with full straight eyebrows and big blue eyes. He has a light skin tone and clear skin. He is always well-groomed and has a perky stance and demeanor. Although this donor was adopted, he has full medical information on his birth parents and their families. He looks like actor James Roday.