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Donor #5623

Donor #5623

September 19, 2018

Donor 5623 is an Anonymous donor. He is at home in nature. Whether he’s lounging on a sunny beach or snowboarding down a double-black-diamond slope, this donor loves being engaged in outdoor activities. He values physical fitness and health, and is always looking for ways to learn something new. Considering himself a casual psychologist, this donor is always looking at situations from the other side and putting himself into others’ shoes. He believes that understanding basic psychology has helped him to maintain positive interactions with people that may not have come from the same background as him. These talents will no doubt help him accomplish his goal of one day being a CEO. His daily exercise routine and his love of the outdoors have given him a lean, toned physique and sun kissed skin. His usual attire of a tank top and athletic shorts reveal his muscular arms and the sculpted legs of a man who loves to run and hike. His full, shapely lips are always smiling. This donor’s soft, fern-green eyes complement his ash brown hair beautifully. He looks like actor James Tupper.