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Donor #5626

Donor #5626

September 20, 2018

Donor 5626 is an Anonymous donor. He is naturally optimistic and a believer in the value of knowledge. From a young age, this donor’s natural inquisitiveness has pushed him to question everything- simply for the sake of learning. It is this pursuit of knowledge that has led the donor to learn and maintain his knowledge of German, as well as his current goal of becoming an archaeologist. This donor is an empathetic analyst, a combination not often seen. He maintains a natural instinct to help and encourage others, rather than being a silent observer. He believes that the most important factor of life is the ability to make the choices that shape who we are as a whole, and the society that we inhabit together. This belief is ultimately what has led to the donor becoming a part of our program, as he feels that every person should have the option of having and raising a child of their own. He has eyes the color of a misty morning sky. His long, light blond hair is thick and wavy. It remains tied-back throughout the day, above lean shoulders and an overall athletic build. His light complexion and jawline are accentuated by his neatly-trimmed short beard. When he smiles, it brings luminosity to his eyes and allows his cheekbones to surface, which transforms his face entirely. He expresses his unique traits as subtleties among an otherwise simple and casual appearance. He looks like actor Jack Reynor.