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Donor #5651

Donor #5651

December 27, 2018

Donor 5651 is an Anonymous Graduate donor. He is a passionate humanitarian, and prioritizes involvement in his community. His years spent volunteering with the Peace Corps left him with a new worldview and a group of lifelong friends. This donor has a very strong moral compass and enjoys solving difficult problems when the end result is to help someone. An avid reader, this donor loves to relax with a good book or lounge on the beach. His weekends are reserved for cooking with his family and trying-out complicated new recipes. He has thick, medium brown hair and light brown eyes that match his sunny personality. His warm, charming smile draws attention to his smooth lips and clean-shaven face. This donor’s athletic hobbies keep his body lean and fit, and his love of the outdoors gives his skin a soft summer glow. He looks like actor Sean Hayes.