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Donor #5685

Donor #5685

October 04, 2019

Donor 5685 is an ID Option donor. He is a confident, entrepreneurial young man with big aspirations. A very hard worker, he is constantly looking for ways to better himself. He is a bright man with a strong academic history. He is a leader among his peers and is focused on making positive choices. Despite his ambition and achievements, he is humble and kind with a calm personality. He loves to play soccer and go to the gym when he’s not working. He has a passion for personal fitness and has an attractive athletic build. Always dressed professionally, in well-fitting slacks and a collared shirt, he has the polished look of a successful businessman. His thick, dark hair is shiny and healthy, and is usually swept to the side. His skin is tan and free of blemishes. He sports a short beard and mustache. This donor’s rich, chocolate-brown eyes are warm and friendly, and his charming smile adds to his personable, friendly appearance. He looks like singer Mike Shinoda.