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Donor 5698

Donor 5698

February 22, 2021

Donor 5698 is a compassionate and highly intelligent man who looks for ways to help others. Devoted to his young daughter, he has a warm, sympathetic soul. He is patient and curious, and when speaking to others he always strives to see the situation from their perspective. He is a family man, and he credits his loving parents for instilling in him his strong ethical framework. A talented musician, he loves writing and performing music. He also enjoys reading thought-provoking novels. He is a handsome man with dazzling moss-green eyes that hold a collected, intelligent gaze. His wavy, ash-brown hair and straight well-groomed brows contrast nicely with his clear, light complexion. This donor has a fit build that he maintains by hiking and cycling, and his polished, professional appearance is completed with tasteful, well-fitted clothing.