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Donor #5773

Donor #5773

October 04, 2019

Donor 5773 is a Non-ID Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a kind and intelligent man. He is passionate about teaching and aspires to be a vice principal soon. Originally an electrical engineer, he considers changing his vocation to teaching to be one of the best choices of his life. Going on learning trips, where experiences matter more than material possessions, is a favorite family activity. He is a devoted and loving father to his two daughters. Very altruistic, he really wants to help others. Being a donor matters not just to him- his wife plans to be a donor as well. The whole family advocates for issues that matter to them, from women’s rights to promoting better education. He is a strong, burly man with wide shoulders and a muscular chest. A smile is always present on his face, emphasizing his cheerful appearance.