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Donor 5889

Donor 5889

July 13, 2022

Donor 5889 is a kind, caring man who is passionate about his career in veterinary medicine. He currently works as a veterinary technician in the emergency setting and is pursuing a degree in business so he can manage a practice in the future. He is an intellectual young man who enjoys engaging conversation. One of his favorite topics is the menagerie of pets he and his partner share, who he lovingly refers to as his “kids.” This donor values the time he spent at the theatre in his youth, where his self-confidence flourished and grew. He enjoys playing paintball, an activity he began with his family. He styles his dark brown hair in a tousled fashion which emphasizes its wavy nature. His deep blue eyes sparkle with intelligence and compassion. He is tall and stays in shape through his highly physical work. He greets with a bright shining smile.