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Donor #6016

Donor #6016

October 04, 2019

Donor 6016 is an ID Option Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a calm and grateful man who offers an empathetic ear to others. He is quick to smile and immediately puts others at ease. He is sincerely invested in the well-being of those around him; behind his kind smile is a burning desire to find out what drives others in life and to help them pursue their passions. As a therapist he likes to help people realize the good within themselves. He is gratified to know he saved a life by donating a kidney to a stranger. He connects with his wife and kids best in the peaceful silence of the woods, either on a day hike or a camping trip. Playing the guitar in the company of those he loves is a daily event. He sports a thick, full beard and mustache. His slightly red-tinted brown hair is kept short and neatly swept to the side. He has mesmerizing blue eyes and a bright smile that stand out against his light complexion.