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Donor 6222

Donor 6222

March 06, 2020

Donor 6222 is a kind and compassionate man who embodies optimism and adventure. He is a deep thinker and takes his responsibilities seriously. He doesn’t let minor things stop him from living life to the fullest. He seeks out activities like white water rafting and skydiving and enjoys playing most sports, hiking, or walking dogs for fun. His life motto is treating others how he would want to be treated. He is respectful, warm and fair with others. Our staff considers him an attractive man with dark features and an athletic build. His nicely toned physique is attributed to years of playing sports and is noticeable under his shorts and a sports polo. His square chin plays up a nice smile, revealing a set of straight, white teeth that instantly brighten up the room. He chooses to keep his head clean-shaven, but his hair is dark and wavy when allowed to grow out. Dark, straight brows frame his warm hazel eyes, and they often hold a contemplative gaze. He strongly resembles soccer player Willy Caballero.