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Donor 6251

Donor 6251

July 07, 2020

Donor 6251 is an entrepreneur at heart and lives his life with integrity and focus. He is a very successful business owner, using his excellent interpersonal skills and sharp mind to make his dreams a reality. Very disciplined and a man of faith, he has a focus on being a caring person who acts with purpose. He admires resourcefulness and strong character in others and believes that people are defined by how they act when nobody is looking. A devoted family-man, he adores his small family. He enjoys playing a wide variety of sports, but his favorite past-time is simply tossing the football ball with his young son. A personal trainer, he is muscular and very fit. He has a bright, friendly smile framed by a dark black beard and moustache that stand out against his warm complexion. He has kind, light brown eyes that shine with interest and encouragement when he speaks to you.