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Donor 6263

Donor 6263

November 06, 2020

Donor 6263 is a down-to-earth outdoorsman who has a love for all things that are unique. Growing up in a small, rural community, this donor values respect and empathy above all and highly appreciates the patience and self-confidence that were instilled in him from living in a tight-knit town. He loves to do things differently from the crowd—most apparent in his love for building computers and playing both the electric and acoustic guitar. When he is not developing his musical or technical skills, he is reading a 14-book sci-fi series or traveling the world on his own. His goal in life is to find happiness and a purpose in the world and urges others to leave home and do the same. Tall and slender, his most defining feature is his long, blonde naturally highlighted hair. His kind, oval-shaped eyes are a deep ocean blue and accentuated by his long eyelashes. He has a full set of lips that reveal dimples when he enthusiastically talks about his latest ventures.