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Donor 6269

Donor 6269

February 01, 2021

Donor 6269 has a remarkably strong work ethic and is dedicated to maximizing his potential on the job and at the gym. When the day’s work is done, this donor is effortlessly laid-back and charming, and his penchant for laughter and easy conversation allow him to make friends with anyone. His bright spirit and positive outlook have helped him overcome obstacles in his life and have set him up for a future that is sure to be full of success and accomplishment. He is tall and lean, with a sporty, toned build that he has earned from his dedication to the gym. His beautiful green eyes hold a relaxed gaze and are framed by long, dark eyelashes that make them especially inviting. This donor’s short stubble beard contrasts nicely with his healthy, fair complexion and accentuates the straight, masculine lines of his jaw. He has full, dark-brown hair that is always styled and well-trimmed.