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Donor 6276

Donor 6276

March 29, 2021

Donor 6276 is a charismatic, outgoing man with a passion for his work in sales. His gregarious, disarming nature allows him to make friendly conversation with nearly anyone. He is very athletic and has played a variety of sports since he was a young child. He loves to stay active by taking frequent weekend hiking trips with his dog and girlfriend. He comes from a tight-knit Italian family, and he is especially close to his father, whom he views as a coach and role model. He has an athletic build that he maintains by hiking and playing sports. He has a warm, healthy complexion that tans easily in the summer sun. His kind, hazel eyes are framed by straight, dark brows and thick eyelashes. He keeps his dark brown hair trimmed short and neat, and his well-groomed beard and moustache define his jawline and give him a polished, masculine appearance.