Meet our Newest Donors

Last updated:  6/14/19

Donors listed by the month they were first released. Club Fairfax members receive a 7 day preview before the donor can be viewed by the general public.

Alert: On our Donor Search availability is indicated as Y (yes), N (none) or C (call for current availability). All donors who are currently listed on the donor search have or will have available specimens for sale. Specimens release every month from quarantine, so if a donor has N availability at the current time, we anticipate he will have units available soon.  Another option is to get on a donor's waitlist if there is currently no availability in the specimen type you need. Contact client services to be placed on a donor's waitlist. Detailed  FAQs about the Waitlist are also available and may answer most of your questions.

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Donor #5732
January 2019

Donor 5732 is a Non-ID donor. He is a very kind and polite person. Proudly Jamaican, he lights up when talking about his culture. He loves reggae music and playing soccer. He is soft-spoken and very caring. A strong family value is not to be complacent, and he proves that by being dedicated to giving back, not only as a donor but by serving in the military as well. Our staff comment that he is always punctual and a good communicator. He has a tall slim physique and skin that is smooth and radiant. Along with his height he has broad shoulders and good posture. Many friends and strangers alike say he looks like Will Smith, and we agree.

Donor #6000
January 2019

Donor 6000 is a Non-ID Graduate donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is a decorated veteran with an outgoing personality. He is a compassionate man who is kind, polite, and direct. Every word he speaks has value; listen closely. He cherishes time with his daughter and loves to make her laugh. He desires to help those who are less fortunate. He is a man of character who likes to lead people towards positive change. His buzzed black hair contrasts nicely with his light brown skin. His eyebrows are full and perfectly placed. He is quick to smile, and his positivity radiates from his warm brown eyes. He is a handsome man, who dresses sharply and is always well manicured.

Donor #5619
January 2019

Donor 5619 is an ID Option Graduate donor. He describes himself as ambitious and unflappable. Our staff says he has boy-next-door charm with a fun-loving attitude, always greeting them with a friendly smile. He has quite the variety of interests, ranging from a desire to work in public affairs to acting on-stage. He is a kind, compassionate man and a romantic at heart. His features are a perfect blend of his Filipino and English-Irish ancestries. He has a brilliant smile, with full lips, and a head full of luxurious dark brown hair. His eyes are espresso brown and framed by thick long lashes. He looks like Reggie Lee.

Donor #5198
January 2019

Donor 5198 is a Non-ID donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is a nice, genuine gentleman. Smart and goal driven, he is a CPA who has worked hard to get to this point in his career. He runs marathons, enjoys long hikes and loves being outdoors. He has an adventurous spirit and is willing to try anything at least once. He is close with his family, especially his father. He has a solid, firm build. A former football player and now an active runner, he knows how to keep active. He has engaging, bright blue eyes and medium brown hair which he gently styles. He has rugged yet clean-cut facial hair which helps to accentuate his oval shaped face and high cheekbones.

Donor #5422
January 2019

Donor 5422 is an ID Option donor with Lifetime photos available. He is articulate and well read. He is animated and passionate about life and achieving his goals. He has a charming, uplifting personality. He considers himself a simple man with simple pleasures. He loves to travel and has lived in many different countries growing up. He is a man who sets high standards for himself and is driven to achieve his goals. His smile is the first thing you notice. Along with his bright smile and deep laugh, this donor's muscular physique makes him stand out in a crowd. Always well dressed and groomed, this donor will catch the glance of many when he walks into a room.

Donor #5904
January 2019

Donor 5904 is a Non-ID Graduate donor. He is very intelligent, with a long list of academic pursuits fitting his very purposeful approach to conversation. Always cordial, the donor is not often very talkative, but will speak very passionately about two things- his work and his girlfriend. Wearing it just slightly outgrown on top, donor 5904 has thick black hair which contrasts with his fair complexion and brings attention to his similarly dark eyes. He dons a pair of frameless glasses allowing his eyes to stand out even more. With a lean stature, the donor dresses in a casual but professional look, wearing dark jeans with a variety of button downs and loafers. He resembles singer Si Won Choi.

Donor #5637
January 2019

Donor 5637 is a Non-ID donor. He is respectful and family oriented. He is the one in the family everyone can count on. His time in the military instilled in him discipline and hard work. While deployed, this donor had the opportunity to experience different countries and cultures which ignited in him the desire to travel and explore the rest of the world. He believes that positivity can solve almost any problem, and his sunny, upbeat personality reflects this. In his free time, he loves to cook with family and spend time with his beloved niece. He has thick, dark hair that he keeps in a natural, tousled style. His neatly-trimmed facial hair accentuates his jawline and highlights his cheekbones, giving him an air of sophistication. His smoky honey eyes are framed by long dark lashes and seem to smile as much as his full, blush lips. This donor's love of hiking has left his skin sun-kissed, and frequent games of soccer have given him strong, muscular legs and an athletic physique. He resembles novelist Alex Garland.

Donor #5641
January 2019

Donor 5641 is a Non-ID donor. He is a thoughtful man focused on making face-to-face connections with others. He loves adventure and welcomes the lessons learned from visiting new places and attempting new activities. He is a health-conscious cook and regularly practices yoga to keep his mind and body sharp. He finds humility to be a highly attractive quality, and believes that life is best lived when your focus is turned outwards rather than on yourself. He has a toned figure, held in a relaxed posture, reflecting his approachable demeanor. This donor has a thick head of chestnut-brown hair that is often swept casually to one side. The curved bridge of his nose gives him an especially distinguished look, and draws the gaze upwards to his dark eyes and straight, full brows. His cupid's-bow lips smile slightly when he talks about his latest interests and activities. He looks a lot like soccer player Ethan Zohn.