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Donor 5366 is a humble, gentle man. He is an accomplished musician; he plays the bass clarinet, piano and organ as well as composing music. Cooking from scratch is also a passion. He has a caring and sentimental side. Treating others with respect is important to him. Hardworking and committed, he puts in the work but does not seek the spotlight. He has thick, chocolate colored hair that he keeps meticulously styled and cut short, though it gets curly as it grows out. Dark, arched eyebrows frame his brown eyes. While he spends an adequate amount of time in the gym and playing sports, he has a lean build. He looks like singer David Archuleta.

180 cm
78 kg
(173 lb)
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Blood Type:
  • Ancestry:Multi
  • Ethnic Background:Mexican-Spanish/German-Nat. American-Scottish
  • Degree:BS/Biology
  • Occupation:Lab Technician
  • Interests:Football, Playing and composing music, Video games
  • If there is a YES and you would like to have more information about this donor’s reported pregnancies, please contact Client Services at 800-338-8407 or click the "Click to Chat" button at the top of this page.Pregnancy Reported:Yes
  • Photo Matching:Yes
  • CMV Status:Negative
  • Age Range at Donation:23-28
  • Astrological Sign:Libra
  • Favorite Subject:Natural Science
  • Religion:Christian (Catholic)
  • Favorite Pet:Dog
  • Personal Goals:Financial Security, Marriage/Family, Rewarding Career, Travel
  • Talents/Hobbies:Basketball, Bass Clarinet, Cooking, Music composition, Organ, Piano, Video games