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Donor 5445 carries himself like a true gentleman. He is always sure to greet anyone with a "Good morning" or "Good afternoon." He is very conversational and outgoing. He will ask how you are doing and genuinely care what you have to say. He is interested in physical fitness and eating healthy. He has an entrepreneurial mindset; he is the founder of his own start-up company. He is very driven and, once he has a goal in mind, he makes sure to do everything in his power to accomplish it. Tall, muscular and handsome, he has kind and warm brown eyes. He usually carries a big beautiful smile from ear to ear. His smile is the best when you can see his dimples. He looks like football player Adrian Peterson.

190 cm
95 kg
(210 lb)
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Blood Type:
  • Ancestry:Black
  • Ethnic Background:West Indian/African Amer.-Irish-Native American
  • Degree:BS/Biology
  • Occupation:Business Owner
  • Interests:Poetry
  • If there is a YES and you would like to have more information about this donor’s reported pregnancies, please contact Client Services at 800-338-8407 or click the "Click to Chat" button at the top of this page.Pregnancy Reported:No
  • Photo Matching:Yes
  • CMV Status:Positive
  • Age Range at Donation:23-28
  • Astrological Sign:Scorpio
  • Favorite Subject:Arts, Mathematics, Natural Science
  • Religion:Christian (Non-denominational)
  • Favorite Pet:Dog
  • Personal Goals:Community Service, Financial Security, Further Education, God/Religion, Improve Environment, Marriage/Family, Success, To Be Happy, To Help People, Travel
  • Talents/Hobbies:Poetry, Sports