Donor 6373 has a golden wheat skin tone with dark ebony hair. His hair is thick, straight, and falls down his neck. He is tall and fit with the toned, broad figure of an avid swimmer. He has chocolate brown, almond shaped eyes that rest below bold, bushy eyebrows. His clear skin is complemented by a well-kept moustache and full, blushed lips.
Both handsome and confident, Donor 6373 is the center of attention whenever he enters a room. He has a serious air about him that is juxtaposed with a sharp sense of humor. Despite people flocking to him, he is admittedly a lone wolf. Ever since he was a child, he has had a deep love for nature. His main drive in pursuing his education is to one day help humans work with the environment, not against it. His curiosity for the world around him and his passion to protect it are two traits that he admires most in himself and in others. He hopes that he can pass on his ambition and desire to make the world a better place.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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