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Donor 5721 has a cheery, polite nature that anyone would adore. A very compassionate man, he has a real altruistic nature. His work ethic is impeccable. A Marine veteran, and a devoted father of three children, he is a man of integrity. He appreciates honesty and respects individuals who gain their riches through uprightness. He has been given the opportunity to travel and enjoy many lifestyles as well as observe many poor communities. A dapper young man who is always in a business suit, you can see his tall frame and fit physique. A good looking man, his complexion is smooth and is brought out by his thick eyelashes. While all of his features are wonderful, his biggest attraction is his smile. He always comes in with a smile on his face. Currently he looks like David Denman, although many have told him when he was younger he looked like Ben Affleck.

(185 cm)
230 lb
(104 kg)
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Blood Type:
  • Ancestry:Caucasian
  • Ethnic Background:Lithuanian/German-Irish
  • Degree:MS/Criminal Justice
  • Occupation:Special Agent
  • Interests:Bass, Team Sports
  • If there is a YES and you would like to have more information about this donor’s reported pregnancies, please contact Client Services at 800-338-8407 or click the "Click to Chat" button at the top of this page.Pregnancy Reported:Yes
  • Photo Matching:Yes
  • CMV Status:Negative
  • Age Range at Donation:35-39
  • Astrological Sign:Scorpio
  • Favorite Subject:History, Mathematics, Natural Science, Psychology, Social Science, Technology
  • Religion:Christian (Non-denominational)
  • Favorite Pet:Dog
  • Personal Goals:Community Service, Financial Security, Further Education, God/Religion, Improve Environment, Marriage/Family, Rewarding Career, Success, To Be Happy, To Help People, Travel
  • Talents/Hobbies:Music, Team Sports