Donor 2893 is adorable, with youthful good looks. He has a full head of black wavy hair that contrasts his light skin tone beautifully. With dark pensive brown eyes, it is apparent that he is exceptionally thoughtful and always engaged in the conversations he has with others. Donor 2893 has full lips and a sweet smile that adds to his charm. With an athletic build, he has the body type of a long-time soccer player: lean but with muscular undertones. Donor 2893 usually dresses casually, in a bright colored Polo shirt and jeans.
Donor 2893 is articulate, friendly, and well-mannered. Composed, patient, and disciplined, it is no surprise that he has been participating in martial arts for many years. Donor 2893 is very intelligent, hard working and humble. He has a quiet confidence about him. Donor 2893 is always reliable and true to his word. He has a broad outlook on life and has encountered many experiences, making him outstandingly open-minded and unprejudiced.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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