Donor 4524 has beautiful straight black hair that shines whenever it catches a ray of light. He keeps his hair neatly trimmed but slightly long, which helps to frame the attractive features of his face. Donor 4524 has striking, deep brown eyes that shimmer whenever he smiles. His warm, inviting smile brightens-up his entire face. His skin is smooth and of medium tone and tans easily. To complete the picture of this energetic, handsome man, Donor 4524 has a tall, lean physique that he keeps in shape with almost constant activity.
Donor 4524 is a kind and caring individual who has been able to find a balance between his busy school schedule and his desire to spend time with his family and friends. His parents taught him early the importance and value of honesty and courtesy- traits that he would like to teach to his own children some day. Donor 4524 is outgoing and personable, and has been successful at cultivating many friendships. He is very intelligent, punctilious, and dedicated to succeed.
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