Donor 4554 has classic Asian features and beautiful brown eyes that sparkle with wit and humor. His hair is shiny and black, and seems to play off the darker features of his eyes. Donor 4554 has a smooth, medium skin tone that really makes his features shine. Most captivating of his physical qualities is his engaging smile, which seems to brighten not only his own face, but also those of the individuals around him. Donor 4554 is of average height for an Asian male. He maintains a fit and trim physique through weightlifting and his busy lifestyle.
Donor 4554 is very witty and funny young man. He loves the spotlight, and has the ability to captivate any type of audience. Although Donor 4554 is quick on his feet when it comes to his repartee, he also has a sensitive, serious side and is very open to expressing his personal feelings. Donor 4554 has an intense love for music and pursues this interest through both music production and by performing as a DJ. Ingrained in his nature is a desire to help others in need; this desire to make people feel better is apparent in his holistic approach to his work as a massage therapist.
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