Donor 5002 is what a real-life G.I. Joe would look like. He has the clean-cut appearance you would expect in a military officer, with an extremely athletic build, broad shoulders and a really strong chest. Donor 5002 stands tall and walks with a sense of confidence, purpose and a little bit of swagger. He is an attractive man who has been blessed with great bone structure. He has an amazing voice; it is the voice of a natural born leader. Whether in uniform or civilian attire, Donor 5002 is very appealing to the eye.
Donor 5002 is a very charismatic and great guy. He is laid-back and easygoing and can always make others laugh. He is a social butterfly who gets along with everyone and his conversation skills make him a blast to speak with. Donor 5002 has a warmth about him, especially when he speaks about his family and his military career. He is a deeply caring person who wishes to make the most of his life, which includes helping others in any way he can. He has an almost indescribable quality to him which everyone loves; he is able to make anyone feel important and do so in a way that is genuine.
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