Donor 5037 is an aesthetically pleasing young man. His soft brown hair is always groomed nicely to match his modern fashion sense. He is a very smart dresser, with everything from his tailored shirts to his cool frames well thought out. A very distinct trait of Donor 5037 is his very beautiful and dramatic green eyes (with some blue mixed in for good measure); they are deep and expressive, easily communicating his mood and emotions. Additionally, he has a warm and comforting voice, an attribute which is remarkably attractive. All in all, Donor 5037 is an appealing man.
Donor 5037 is a ridiculously smart guy. He is very educated on a variety of topics and dives right in when he wants to learn more about a topic. His colloquial and inviting speech further adds to his scholarly demeanor; we would not be surprised to find him doing TED talks. Donor 5037 is a kindhearted individual who really reflects on the impact his actions will have. This extends to both his personal and professional life. No matter where he is or what he is doing, he is the type of person to go out of his way to help a friend in need. Additionally, he is in a professional position where his actions will greatly affect the lives of others; this is not something he takes lightly. He carefully considers his steps and must use sound judgment, a characteristic which highlights his mature and responsible nature. Overall Donor 5037 is the guy women want to have a conversation with, both for his brilliant insight of the world and his much-loved sensitive side.
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