Donor 5026 stands with clearly chiseled shoulders from the years of swimming he's been doing. He not only stands with a muscular build but also has very enticing features about him. He has a full head of thick, dark brown hair that is always styled nicely. He has a charming and coy smile that he allows to peek through when he cracks a joke and laughs along with it himself.
Donor 5026 is a humble and hardworking individual, the epitome of a family man. He always looks for what is best for his family and speaks so highly about his mother that we all are in awe. He also is very creative and channels it by having a vision of something and making it come to life by building it from scratch with his own hands. He is extremely empathetic and is able to handle difficult situations with confidence and great care.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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