Donor 4871 is handsome with average height and an overall build that is lean and toned from regular activity - generally running around with his little ones. He has dark brown hair that is enviously smooth and straight, and he keeps it professionally trimmed with just enough length to add an attractive style to it. Donor 4871 has incredibly warm and friendly eyes - the hue is comparable to a cup of mocha coffee. He is so great at catching the attention of others that it is really hard to overlook his eyes. He has a smooth complexion which is sometimes emphasized with facial hair that seems to frame his captivating ever-present smile. His medium skin tone becomes beautifully bronzed in the summertime when he and his family spend much of their free time outdoors.
Donor 4871 is a sincere and compassionate charmer who really loves to be a part of the many things going on around him. He never misses an opportunity to learn from his adventures, which is most likely driven by his inquisitive and curious character. He is outgoing and adventurous - he tries to keep himself and his family busy by taking part in many different activities. Donor 4871 is a loving husband and a proud father. If given the opportunity, he will boast about his love for his family for hours, all while wearing a beaming smile. He is extremely caring and has concern for the well-being of others; his compassionate character makes him easy to approach, but also easy to confide in. Donor 4871 is easygoing and has a sense of humor that creates an upbeat, happy aura around the room whenever he is present. He is kind and sincere to anyone that he encounters - he usually takes a few minutes to chat with staff members each time he comes in for his appointments. His great personality makes his handsome qualities and overall character that much more appealing.
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