Donor 5340 has a dark walnut complexion and espresso eyes that glow when he laughs. His wide and prominent nose sits just above his full lips, which are surrounded by his thick mustache and beard. His black wavy hair has a faint shine to it and is always kept short. This donor is usually in casual attire consisting of a hoodie and his favorite jeans due to his job's allowance of it, though on the occasions when he dresses up, you can see that he maintains a healthy and fit stature.
Behind donor 5340's shy demeanor is a creative and passionate family man with a penchant for adventure. Determined to retire early and travel the world with his family in tow, this donor is very devoted to his professional goals. Having close ties to his Indian culture, he believes it is important to share the customs of his ancestry with any who want to learn, and he wishes to expand his own knowledge regarding other cultures in turn. This donor also has a very charitable soul, devoting his time and resources to contribute to society whenever possible.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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