Donor 5399 has a cheerful smile that brightens up the room. His ebony hair shines in the light and his sun-kissed medium skin tone becomes blushed as he speaks. He has a deep, husky tone in his voice that is soothing whenever he talks. His everyday attire consists of business casual, which makes him look clean-cut and suave while hiding his toned figure underneath. His lean muscles and fit body are indicative of his playing outdoor sports and keeping a healthy lifestyle.
Donor 5399 has a very big heart. His values of empathy and compassion drive him to give back to the community in any way he can. His compassion towards others and concern for how people are treated in the world have motivated him to try to make a difference in their well-being, and have directed his studies toward becoming a physical therapist. Hard work and dedication are important aspects he puts into everything he does. Whenever he can, this donor loves to spend quality time with his family with just cooking and conversation.
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