Donor 5601 is a tall, handsome man with eyes the color of a cloudless summer sky. His blond beard frames a pair of full, shapely lips that are almost always smiling. Donor 5601’s strong build serves him well- whether he is practicing carpentry or playing sports.
Donor 5601 would be equally happy spending the day atop Machu Picchu or passing the football with his younger brother. He is an optimist who knows how to hold his head high in the face of life’s inevitable obstacles. Donor 5601 is not only concerned with his own happiness, however. He strives to put everyone around him in a good mood as well- a goal easily met thanks to his natural cheerfulness and sense of humor. Donor 5601 grew up on a ranch, and this instilled in him a strong work ethic and respect not only for people, but for animals as well. He believes compassion and empathy for other living things are some of the most important traits a person can have.
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