Donor 5179 is tall – standing at six foot six inches. He has good posture and a strong frame. He keeps his brown hair short on the sides, and slightly longer on top, leaving just enough to style above his forehead. Donor 5179 frequently wears light stubble, which could become a full beard if left to grow out. His smile is friendly and welcoming, while his eyes radiate his approachability.
Donor 5179 is a laid back, lighthearted individual. He is goal-driven and is motivated by the journey. He is a hard worker and admires the work ethic of others. He has a playful, fun sense of humor and easily relates to all types of people. Donor 5179 is family-oriented and is lucky to have his brother as his best friend. Overall, this donor is a great man, husband, friend, son, and role model.
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