Donor 5719 is a gentleman who loves to keep his looks simple and straightforward. He is a big fan of wearing polos with a matching jacket and, when the weather warms up, he appreciates a good tank top to show off his build. Donor 5719 has a great smile that he is always eager to display. His smile includes a set of bright white teeth that bring out his cheekbones and trimmed beard. Besides his smile, donor 5719 has a few facial moles that are subtle but riveting as well.
Donor 5719 is a sensitive individual who is very aware not only of his own concerns, but those of others around him as well. His appreciation for family is strong, and he wants to make sure that everyone else has the opportunity to experience the pride and joy that a sense of family gives. Donor 5719’s sensitivity also stems from his work in the military, which he is extremely proud of. He has spoken with us about his time in service and has said that his journey as a soldier is the main reason for his strength and his gratitude for life itself. Although donor 5719 is compassionate and compelling, he is also an entertaining guy. He loves to get together with his friends and have lots of fun and create plenty of memories.
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