Donor 5633 pays close attention to his appearance and is always fashionably dressed. His usual well-fitted shirt reveals his muscular upper body and athletic build. This donor’s charismatic smile accentuates his high, defined cheekbones and draws attention to his full, smooth lips. Donor 5633’s skin is the same warm bronze as his inviting oval-shaped eyes, which are framed by long lashes and straight brows.
Ever since he was a child, donor 5633 has had an intense fascination with the natural world. He is continuously in awe of how different animals and ecosystems function, and is thrilled to experience natural wonders first-hand. Donor 5633 is a highly intelligent and introspective man that loves deep conversation and speculating about the future. He grew up in a bustling metropolis that taught him how to adapt to a wide variety of crowds and situations while also making him deeply empathetic. This donor is a creative problem solver, and draws inspiration from science fiction, film, and historical events to overcome obstacles in his own life.
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