Donor 5737 is a strapping, youthful gentleman who is always groomed ever so nicely. When greeting donor 5737, his height is the first attribute you notice. While gazing up, you will observe the sparkle of his green eyes and his cunning smile. His looks may remind you of a Renaissance painting; his porcelain ivory skin and stern facial features bear a resemblance to monarchs from that time.
Donor 5737 has a very modest disposition, yet his demeanor is considered a rarity amongst his peers. Donor 5737 has a matchless since of hilarity. His witticism, once understood, is absolutely hysterical. While he is a bashful and humorous guy, his notions about his future finances and private relations have led him to consider those who are less fortunate in those areas of life. With his reflections, he has decided to become a person who is altruistic and giving.
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