Donor 5641’s toned figure is always held in a relaxed posture, reflecting his approachable demeanor. This donor has a thick head of chestnut-brown hair that is often swept casually to one side. The curved bridge of his nose gives him an especially distinguished look, and draws the gaze upwards to his dark eyes and straight, full brows. His cupid’s-bow lips smile slightly when he talks about his latest interests and activities.
For a man that loves to plan and organize as much as donor 5641 does, he can be surprisingly spontaneous. He once booked a last-minute flight to Hawaii and backpacked across its islands with no destination in mind. This donor loves adventure and welcomes the lessons learned from visiting new places and attempting new activities. He is a health-conscious cook and regularly practices yoga to keep his mind and body sharp. He finds the connections people make with one another to be among the most valuable qualities of life, and would rather be gifted a heartfelt letter over some expensive gadget. Donor 5641 finds humility to be a highly attractive quality, and believes that life is best lived when your focus is turned outwards rather than on yourself.
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