Donor 5735 is an average height man with a medium build and slim face. He has beautiful blue eyes and dark blond hair. He has a light complexion with clear and radiant skin that gives him a sort of glow. He also has a few freckles. Donor 5735’s eyes are small and round and his eyebrows are thin and neat. He has a full beard and mustache that he maintains in a clean low trim. Donor 5735 has a nice sense of style. His clothes always look freshly ironed and his shoes most often have a fresh and new appearance to them.
Donor 5735 is a more reserved kind of person though he’s easy to converse with. His study of psychology and desire to read and learn emphasizes his intelligence. Donor 5735 is definitely a family man. He loves spending time with his children more than anything else. His passion for helping others is admirable. With his career is psychology he aspires to help those with mental and physical disabilities. During his free time donor 5735 likes to be outdoors hiking, especially during fall which is his favorite time of year. He even took his outdoor adventures to the next level by going skydiving.
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