Donor 5533 is of average height and build, although his striking features are far from average. He has an oval-shaped face with deep set, captivating brown eyes. He has messy, thick brown hair which contrasts nicely with his fair skin. His masculinity can be seen from a mile away by his attractive cleft chin. The strong dimple on his chin is even more admirable when he wears a smile on his delicate soft pink lips.
Donor 5533 is polite, quirky and humble. He is a determined, confident man; his main focus is to excel in his financial and personal goals. Donor 5533 is highly influenced by his mother, as he believes that she provides the best advice he’s ever received. “Mothers know best,” he says. He is a fan of science fiction and history books. Donor 5533 isn’t afraid to take risks, as he moved to a big city and doesn’t regret it. He stays true to himself and wishes to pass that on to his future offspring. Donor 5533 is a spontaneous and adventurous individual, distance or timing are no obstacles for him; he once hopped on a plane and travelled overseas for a surprise visit to his significant other. Talk about hopeless romantic… Donor 5533 has the utmost care for his loved ones and their well-being.
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