Donor 5655 is dedicated to a rigorous daily fitness routine, and his muscular chest and arms are often visible through the fitted athletic attire he wears. His skin tans easily and in warmer months it has a warm, natural glow. This donor’s light brown hair contains hints of gold that accentuate the gold and green shades of his kind, hazel eyes. A short, well-groomed beard highlights this donor’s masculine, square jaw.
Donor 5655 is a devoted educator with a great passion for helping young people reach their full potential. He dreams of one day writing a book about the education system. He is a creative thinker, and often sees potential problems in a situation that others may not have considered. As a child, donor 5655 moved frequently, which made him adaptable and taught him how to connect to a wide variety of people. This donor always strives to live honestly and believes that life is too short to not present your true self to the world. His commitment to the well-being of those around him makes this donor an excellent role model to his pupils.
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