Donor 5527 has full, arched eyebrows and intense, hazel colored eyes. He has a fit physique, light toned skin and a well-kept beard that draws your attention to his rugged, strong chin. He styles his dark brown hair in a relaxed and casual way that matches his fashion, while his light pink lips form a warm and inviting smile.
Being a well-read person, donor 5527 is a critical thinker with some ambitious goals in life. His outgoing attitude makes him a fun person to be around. He enjoys a fun and competitive game night with friends. His artistic side is shown though his passion for singing and playing the banjo. A family-oriented man with strong values, he is an altruistic person and curious by nature. He stands for what he believes in. He has a strong presence, and his amicable nature and great sense of humor make him a very approachable person.
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